What is Lunda?

In the book, “The Journey of the Songhai People” authors Robinson and Battle state, “We strongly believe that along our quest to deprogram the entire society as a solution to the problem that we must project the truth and benefits of Black peoples kinship ties. We believe that the ‘Lunda’ people were totally correct.”

In the book, “The Destruction of Black Civilization” Chancellor Williams, states, “no people in African history used the concept of kinship ties more effectively than the Lunda in their remarkable of their empire. Even more remarkable than the territorial expansion of the empire , was their idea of a nation as one big brotherhood.”

Descendants of the Lunda people still live in the Central Africa region.

We seek to expand their concept of brotherhood thru technology.

We call it The Idea of Familyhood.

Thanks for joining us!

David N. Roach